Cooperation between ATS and NEXT

We met NEXT in October 2020 at the MECSPE Trade Fair in Italy. Today they joined our team. This is our next step to the Predictive Maintenance service.

NEXT is a provider of software solutions suitable for monitoring the efficiency of production processes, reducing waste, rationalizing production processes, providing support for Lean and WCM methods.

NEXT mainly operates in the industry world. They have been on the market for nearly 20 years, their partners are such companies as Electrolux, Faber, Franke, Whirpool, Elica, Ariston Thermo Enerfarm, Stellantis, Poste Italiane, Automotive Products, BMS Organics, GBFoods, etc.

In 2011, after passing through other entrepreneurial experiences, the founders defined a precise mission: starting from a single strong point (technology) to then develop useful tools for its customers by reversing the perspective of having to search for customers willing to buy prepackaged and inflexible products.

„We don’t look for customers for our products, but for products for our customers”

Marta Pietrycha
Communication specialist, Advanced Technical Services Sp. z o.o.