metrology of machinery and technical processes

metrology of machinery and technical processes

Measurement of geometry of CNC machines and conventional machines

We offer the test of parameters of line relocation of the axis with the use of laser interferometer and circular interpolation with the use of the ballbar system for CNC machines. We also take measurements and setting of the geometry of conventional machinery.

If the machine accuracy decreases, it produces more and more bungles and the geometry measurement can solve your problem. Such testing allows to determine the source of problems and repair. You should remember that only regular inspection will allow to receive high quality products saving costs connected with potential failures.

Complex services of pirometric measurements of the devices for heat treatment of metal products.

Methodology of measurements, calculations and final reports according to the following standards: AMS2750E, AMS2769, AMS2759, PR-0011/DMP-11

Range of the performed tests:

  • test of homogeneity of temperature (according to requirements and
  • customer’s standard) – TUS,
  • test of system accuracy – SAT,
  • calibration of measurement paths of thermocouples,
  • calibration of measurement paths of pressure/vacuum.

Devices used in measurements and tests fulfil the requirements of the standard AMS2750E and the chain of backward tracking to the pattern of the state Polish Centre for Accreditation. We provide the full package of final reports from TUS, SAT, calibration and a set of calibration certificates for particular devices and all thermocouples used in tests and measurements to the customer.