Relocation machinery

Relocation machinery


One of the basic scopes of ATS company activity is the relocation of machinery and devices, lines and runs and production cells. The scope of our services include:

  • unloading and loading,
  • in-house relocation,
  • national and international transport,
  • complex connection and start up,
  • construction of foundations and footings for machinery installation and
  • production lines.

We also offer preparing and implementation of projects according to the needs and requirements of the customer of machinery installation, that is different types hoods/ventilations, electrical installations, “IT” installations, coolant installations, water installations and compressed air installations.

We use professional and specialized equipment for providing our services that is: mobile crane,platforms,forklifts,mechanical siphons and hydraulic siphons, which guarantees fulfilling the highest quality demands and safety at work.

We guarantee timeliness, reliability and professionalism.